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Fantastic Girls (2015) Subtitle Indonesia

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  • 21 January 2017
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Fantastic Girls Subtitle Indonesia


  • Judul : Fantastic Girls
  • Status :
  • Type :
  • Tahun :
  • Negara :
  • Category : Drama
  • Episode : Movies
  • Duration : 118 menit per episode
  • Rating : unknown
  • Cast : Mio Yuki,Rika Adachi,Yuri Shirahane,Kei Aran,Kenta Suga
  • Credit :


In 1980, Ayuko (Mio Yuki) is a new transfer student in Okayama from Tokyo. She doesn't have any friends and relies on her boyfriend Hideo who is a college student. Ayuko likes to draw a romance manga of herself and her boyfriend. Ayuko's classmate, Takemi (Rika Adachi), becomes a huge fan of Ayuko's manga and they become close friends. Due to an incident though, they drift apart.

30 years later, Ayuko (Yuri Shirahane) is now a manga artist and comes back to Okayama to give a lecture at her former high school. There, Ayuko meets Takemi (Kei Aran) who is now a teacher.

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